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I am the Founder/CEO of, an online marketplace provider of flexible workspace space. Working from home over long term has productivity and health problems for 23% of remote workers and 10% of people feel socially isolated. We want to disrupt the future of work post COVID with our platform which connects 35 million new remote workers to the $240 billion underutilized commercial real estate space which creates a gig economy like Uber/Lyft and creates opportunities for many.

Unlike our competitors, who only provide booking services and list co-working spaces, we list restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings and allow social networking through our App. When customers book workspace through our platform, we earn 10-15% of commission as revenue. Please help is to you find a better work environment close to home. Thank you.

We make a positive impact by enabling remote workers to work outside of home, be more social and productive and find a strong work-life balance. We also make a positive impact on the environment by enabling space providers to reduce underutilization of real estate space and optimally use resources to meet UN sustainable development goals for Responsible Consumption. So, help us to find you a better work environment. Thank you!!

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